Chum – in the sun too long. Pee-yew ! !

November update : yes, we have been busy and yes, we still shipping, usually on the same day as received or first next day when shippers available.   Hang-on , one of these days we get back to work on the website, got lures to build,

C – Ya on the water


Welcome to Tunaflyer dot com.    Sorry not much to see at this time but we will be adding and rebuilding.

To make a long story short enough : we had a premium [paid] security plugin on a previous different site [plugin=Bulletproofsecurity] and the other day as we clicked the ‘one-click’ WordPress upgrade button for the other site at our hosting [iPage] control panel, BulletproofSecurity AKA BPS AKA BPS-Pro ran amok and shot up the theater sending many dozens of hundreds of email alerts to ME telling me nothing.

It is important to note that this plugin went crazy on only one domain of five, not this site, on the host [iPage] and I was the only one to receive the many hundreds of email notifications of a problem but the host [iPage] did indeed call it spam and did indeed shut down and ultimately cause the demise and destruction of all files on all five sites.

Premium [paid] support does not mean ‘thoughtful’ nor does it necessarily include empathy nor common sense.

When the host control panel one-click-upgrade tool failed and the plugin went all republican It took me but a couple of  minutes to manage an alternate login to the dashboard to deactivate successfully and then delete the premium [paid] plugin BulletProofSecurity.   I had first alerted the host, since it was their utility on their control panel that set-off the nonsense,   but after 15 or so minutes, they shut down all of my sites, ALL my sites not one for a plugin on one site, spamming me and me alone.    After several days of not being able to find any way for them to see the error of their ways a nuclear bombing destruction of all and any files and now we plodding along on the rebuilding of several years’ worth of work on several web sites.

Host iPage is no longer on my Christmas card list.

BulletProofSecurity [paid] is no longer on any one of my sites.